David Michael Flowers


Born December 27, 1962

 Historical Background.

With 20 years of experience in the mail services industry David Flowers has worked in many facets of Mail Handling, from bulk to first class to inter office and accountable mail.

Working with Science Management Corporation in 1988 David Was nominated for the SMC award of excellence.

Working as a project manager for Markrist Engineers David oversaw the installation and implementation of the new voice activated mail-sorting system, which is still in use today in the US department of agriculture mailroom in Kansas City Mo. This system enabled the reduction in the space required by the mailroom by about 75%. David is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the “VoiceSort.com” Website where among other things users can communicate & share ideas on the use of this system.

He has also been invited to be a guest speaker at the “Mailcom 2002” conference as part of the “voices of the automated workstation” presentation.

 He has recently Implemented a bar code system of his own design  for tracking & logging accountable mail. This system using a barcode reader & Microsoft Access, reduces the time & greatly increases the accuracy of accountable mail records, & delivery.  

Using a WorkFlo/Scan Bell & Howell Copiscan 6338 with Automatic Document Feed to convert paper documents to electronic images using the Filenet Automated Imaging System, David has helped bring the USDA mailroom into the 21st century. Converting paper documents to electronic images delivered as email attachments and retrieving and processing electronic faxes received via the imaging system fax server. Greatly reducing paper documents, clutter, delivery time & the threat of biological agents delivered to their destination in the mails.

David recently was elected to the executive board of the Kansas city chapter of the "Mail Systems Management Association" for 2007 & 2008, Then re-elected in 2009 - 2010 as Vice president of web communications.

 Currently David Is still a part of the Management team in the USDA mailroom, Working for IBS, Industries. A non-profit organization dedicated to finding employment for disabled individuals

In 2008 IBS was awarded "Ability One Contractor of the Year" by USDA in Washington DC.

Member, Greater Kansas City Postal Customer Council

Member, Mail Systems Management Association